About this campaign

This is a campaign website to facilitate meaningful contribution to the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU Effort Sharing Regulation. This law sets national targets for all emissions from road transport, buildings, waste, agriculture and small industry. These sectors together account for 60% of the EU’s emissions. But the European Commission is considering scrapping this law, which would be a mistake.

If governments act on their climate promises we could see massive improvements in our quality of life. Climate action means clean air, greener cities, good public transport, low-emission vehicles, modern efficient homes. But all this is only likely to happen if strong national targets are in place.

The public consultation on the Effort Sharing Regulation is open until 5 February 2021. > We must secure national climate action now.


How does the petition work?

We've created a petition that will allow people to quickly and easily participate in the public consultation on EU climate regulations. You can check out the answers that are sent on your behalf here. By taking part you are directly asking the European Commission for a strong law to speed up national climate action. The consultation is open until the 5 of February 2021.

> Act now, demand climate action everywhere!

Foto: Alexander Paul Brendes/WWF Germany

Who we are?

Transport & Environment has developed and launched this campaign, with the support of other NGOs including Birdlife, CAN-Europe, Carbon Market Watch, EEB, WWF and SumofUs.

We have developed responses to the first three ‘general’ questions in the European Commission's public consultation on the Effort Sharing Regulation addressing our call for strong European climate legislation.

We believe that scrapping binding national climate targets that cover sectors such as buildings and road transport would be unacceptable.  The changes the EU Commission is proposing to the law would jeopardise the achievement of even the EU’s insufficient overall target of at least 55% net emission cuts by 2030, and endanger the citizens of Europe and people around the globe.

We believe that climate action brings massive extra benefits in the form of a better environment and better health and quality of life. No single emission reduction measure is sufficient to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate.