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Thank you for supporting the #EverybodyCounts campaign!

The petition has closed for now, but we are continuing the fight for strong climate action and greener, healthier living for all! We will keep you informed and involved along the way.



Demand climate action everywhere, because #EverybodyCounts

Imagine cleaner, healthier cities and neighbourhoods, better public transport, emissions-free vehicles, modern, efficient homes. With the right actions we could see these big, positive changes in our life.
Climate action means greener, healthier living for all.

But our green future is under threat.

Currently each European country has national climate obligations. Now the EU shows every sign of wanting to scrap the law which sets the national targets and covers the majority of European emissions, in favour of a European carbon pricing system.

In every country and every city, every action counts.


National climate targets are vital to drive down emissions. And governments need to play their part. If we secure national action now we have a chance for better living. We must  act together, otherwise, with climate change accelerating out of control, we will experience biodiversity loss, water scarcity, heat waves and other weather extremes which affect everyone.


Your voice can make a big difference now!

The EU leaders are asking your opinion. By signing the petition you are sending a response on the European public consultation, supporting strong climate targets, and swift action. We will send your response automatically, you can check them here.